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Game logo gets  face-lift

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2011-02-20 / AGO Games in the East

Article in local newspaper (French)

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Wishes and good resolutions!

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AGO Games enters prestigious Indie competition

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Visit the Asskickers'official website at

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 The Asskickers is a 2.5D Beat'Em-Up developed by Ago Games Studio. It unapologetically inspired by the 2.5 DB tops from years and years ago, like Streets of Rage and the Final Fight. The Asskickers is a PC game that can be played with a keyboard or, preferably, a joystick or gamepad device. Brefly, you gently move through urban surroundings and offices, kicking people in the shins. There are three characters to pick from, two gameplay modes (survival and arcade), and, most crucially, two player mode.

The concept of the Asskickers 

You have two special attacks. You can walk into enemies to grab them, and you can punch and do a jump attack, and there are two items to pick up to use as weapons. The game is very basic in terms of beat-em-up concept. However it is more fair than its forefathers. It ramps up the difficulty in the same manner that previous Beat'Em-Ups did, with adversaries that are extremely simple to take out at first and then increasingly complicated enemy patterns as you progress through the game. 

You begin with opponents who aimlessly stroll towards you and a couple of jump choosing foes that need to be moved around or countered mid jump, and then you progress to stuff like teleporting yuppies that you must pursue around the screen and assault while they chuckle at you.

Boss fights are a core mechanic of Asskickers

It's basically all of the regular foes act like tiny puzzles, which is my favorite feature about all beat-em-ups, so it's only right that the bosses are larger puzzles. The bosses, on the other hand, end up being the strongest link in the game design because it takes a long time to defeat them. Even after you figure out their puzzle, they refuse to stand in the spot where they are vulnerable.

At least one maze where you travel through an office building corridor and choose door after door, wondering which one will bring you forward, similar to the maze in Brawl Brothers. Thats incradible!. There's also a scene when you're jumping over signs while riding on top of a rolling downpour. These sections are totally functional and certainly evoke memories of the old Beat'Em-Ups that inspired this game.

The last words about The Asskickers

The best part about The Asskickers is that if you've played beat-em-ups on the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis. The Asskickers will probably remind you of all of them. There are even a couple stages that take place on elevators that appear like they leaped right out of the original Streets of Rage.

The Asskickers attempt and have decent, predictable gameplay. It's great to play with a friend. It's evident that you score as in an arcade game, and it has its moments, but it's also not Streets of Rage. The Asskickers are the greatest option for anyone wishing to relive their arcade beat-em-up glory days on their PC. It is capable of effortlessly replacing your Streets of Rage collection. is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Ag Games/Ago Games Studio or "The asskicker" developers and publishers

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