Introducing the Asskickers!

This is it.

I am pleased to introduce AGŌ Game’s very first creation: The Asskickers.

The Asskickers is a 2D beat’em up that we hope will live up the standards set by the classics of the genre as well as bring a little extra something to this much-loved canvas.

We plan to release it early 2011 on PC and Mac through digital distribution only and hopefully on consoles as well. If you are interested in the game’s feature and wish to check out our expensive- looking teaser, please follow the link below:

Rather than going through the features again, I’d rather give you an insight on what this announcement means to us.

The first thing you should know is that The Asskickers is our very first game.

I mean, we have all worked as industry professionals on other projects before and all of us have actually managed to see them shipped but this time, it’s different.

This time, it’s something we are 100% responsible for.

It’s our project and there is no safety net  and no one to blame if we make a mistake.

This is a very daunting prospect but also a very thrilling one.

It’s made even more thrilling because we are going there on our own.

We have no publisher supporting us and no certainty that we will be able to distribute our game the way we intend to.

And yet we are making an announcement. Why?

First because we made sure we had enough money in the bank to support the full cost of developing and publishing the game    and second  because what our audience thinks is what really matters to us.

If we were using a traditional publishing model at this stage, we would be going from publishers to publishers trying to raise some interest for the project and eventually putting it on hold   if we couldn’t get the funds to carry on. We would be trying to build a  trust-based relationship with a publisher.

But we don’t want to build a  trust-based relationship with a  publisher, we want  to build a  trust-based relationship with  YOU!

Because eventually YOU will be the one that will decide the fate of this game no matter what anybody else says.   YOU will be the one that will make it a success or a failure; YOU will be the one that will remember it once it has been washed away by tomorrow’s news and maybe, maybe, if we get it right, you will be the one that will carry this game as a tiny part of yourself, something that in very small way defines you like some other games have defined me and all of us who truly love video games.

So when I want to share our love and excitement with the game I want to share it with YOU!

So here it is for you, The Asskickers, we hope it’s going to be something you will look forward to playing  and that this announcement could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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