The Asskickers is not Kick-Ass

So far, almost each time I have privately told a friend or a quite geeky relative of mine about The Asskickers I have been graced by “but does it have something to do with the Kick-Ass ?” followed by a very infuriating grin.

So for the record, allow me to set things straight: No, it absolutely doesn’t.

Not only has The Asskickers nothing to do with Kick-Ass but I also have to stress that when I started working on The Asskickers about a year ago, I was not  even aware that a comic book called Kick-Ass existed  nor did I know that a movie based on said comic book was due to be released in 2010.

This came as a complete surprise to me and I must say that I feared there was a risk of some kind of confusion between the two works.

Because we knew people would ask, the whole AGŌ Games team went to see the film and the screening confirmed that The Asskickers had definitely nothing to do with Kick-Ass  in either form or substance. Okay, some people do get their asses kicked in both cases but apart from that, both works are completely unrelated.

So please, don’t ask.

PS: Against all appearances, my lawyer did not suggest I write this post.

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