You want to ask/tell AGŌ Games something?

Feel free to drop us a line, it gives us something to talk about at lunch and the feeling that we have friends in the dog-eat-dog’s world of video games.
Actually we do get a lot of mail so before you jump on your keyboard, please consider the following cases:

› You want to apply for a job or an internship?

Please visit our "Jobs" page where you will find all our offers currently available.

› You have trouble with one of our game?

Please visit the "Support" of our forum where you will likely find the answer to your problem. If not, please explain your problem or ask your question by creating a new topic on the forum.

› You have a great idea for a game and you want to share it with us?

Here’s a bit of friendly advice: keep it to yourself and never tell a video game professional about it, those people are happy to steal any great idea they did not have.

Now, if you wish to send us love/hate letters, propose your son/daughter/other to a member of the team, offer your services as a company or get in touch as a member of the free press, feel free to drop us a line at: .


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