About us

AGŌ Games is an independent developer and publisher of video games for PC, Mac and consoles founded by Stanislas Berton. AGŌ Games is currently working on its first game which is entirely self-funded by the studio and will be available early 2011 exclusively over digital distribution platforms.

  AGŌ Games believes that video games are the product of a creative vision integrated inside a production and distribution system and conditioned by a cultural  and political context. Therefore AGŌ Games takes all these three factors into account for a global creative approach.


Production Creation Society

AGŌ Games believes that digital distribution represents an historical opportunity for all video game creators. It allows small independent developers to earn and maintain their financial and creative freedom in the long run as well as focusing on delivering more beautiful and meaningful experiences.
However, this freedom comes with a price: independent studios must find ways to fund games without publishers’ support and handle internally their marketing and their communication to promote their creations.

  AGŌ Games' productions are therefore exclusively distributed on PC and consoles distribution platforms and entirely self-funded.


AGŌ Games believes that up until now, video games have not quite lived up to their potential. In most cases, they are nothing more than elaborate toys doomed to rely on the same concepts, clichés and conventions.
  AGŌ Games believes in the power  of  video games We believe that video games are today’s most relevant meidium to convey emotions, tell stories and reflect on our modern lives. We believe that video games could be much more than what they are right now and with each new project, AGŌ Games intends to push the medium further.

 AGŌ Games is not a « genre » studio.
Artistic vision and the meaninng of the interactive experience are the starting points of all our projects.


AGŌ Games believes that the economical, social and cultural importance of the video games industry is  not properly acknowledged.
We believe that the general public as well as policymakers need to understand the importance of video games as an art form as well as an industry.

 AGŌ Games works tirelessly to promote video games and explain their importance to economical and political institutions on the local, national and international scale.


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